We’re driven to make large file transfer easy.

No file-size caps!

Our clients regularly transfer files that are more than 200GB. How big can you go? No limit.

We kick your bandwidth’s butt so you don’t have to.

Whether you have 8Mbps or 150Mbps up/down, we’ll make full and glorious use of your bandwidth.

You can easily reach us any time of day… even when we’re sleeping.

We’re heavy sleepers, but if our service doesn’t do what it should, call us and we’ll make sure that your file transfer gets back on track ASAP. We’ll even get up at 3AM for a meeting with your client in China.

Best of all, with fail-safe auto-resume features, you’ll never have to babysit a file transfer again!

If you should lose your internet connection, eSecureSend will remember exactly where you left off, and it will resume on its own as soon as you’re back online. Computer crash when your file is 99% downloaded? Not a problem.

Here’s what one of our recent online file transfers looked like.

Case Study:152.239 Gigabyte file transfer between international clients

Upload Time:
Less than 3 hours

Sending from NC, USA
Total bandwidth in the studio:
150 Mbps

Download Time:
Less than 5 days

Receiving in Italy
Total bandwidth in the studio:
Only 8 Mbps

Do you want to go FASTER?

With the right conditions, faster is not a problem. Even with the connection speeds in the case study:

  • Upload time at 150Mbps could have been 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Download time at 8Mbps could have been 36 hours

Sending files online is the easy way. Our clients tell us that sending files online:

  • reduces the costs and hassle of buying hard drives
  • is faster than shipping via the post office
  • helps them avoid customs and shipping costs

If speed matters to you, contact us and we’ll dive into all the technical details about what conditions would be required to meet your needs.


We had been looking into ways we could send large files to our clients all over the world and had talked to a few other companies that offered such services. We found eSecureSend and really liked how they took the time to understand what our exact needs were and not just tried to sell us a one size fits all package.

Rachel Vigneaux
Production Manager at PHE, Inc.

How does eSecureSend work?

eSecureSend (eSS) is not cloud storage. It’s online transfer. When you send with eSS, it’s uploaded to Amazon’s cloud. eSS then notifies the recipient that a file is ready for download. Once the recipient downloads it from AWS, the file is permanently deleted from the cloud.


To overcome the unreliability of a browser-based service, we built a hybrid web app and desktop solution.

The desktop agent has the horsepower to move large files and resume file transfer. The web app does everything else.


eSecureSend doesn’t require IT support or resources.

With an easy 5-minute installation on a Mac or Windows computer, you can start sending right away.


With a background in banking and healthcare, we built security into eSecureSend.

Every file is encrypted before it leaves your computer and stays encrypted in the cloud. All messages sent within eSecureSend are also encrypted for your protection.


By default, the sender pays for the transfer.

Just like the post-office, whoever sends the file is the one who pays. With an invitation to a prepaid channel, the owner of that channel would pay for the transfer.


Custom payment plans for your business needs.

We know file transfer looks different for every business. Whether it’s billed by gigabytes transferred or at a monthly rate, your payment plan will be customized for your needs.

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Or just email us and we’ll hook you up.