8 Tips to Scale Video Production Quickly to Meet Your Client’s Needs

Mithila Shigaonkar | Mar 29 2017

When your dream client assigns you a project, the end result needs to be carefully crafted. You need to create targeted strategies so your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels. Here some tips to scale up your video production so that ultimately your clients’ needs are fulfilled.

Why are we still shipping physical drives when we have the Internet?

Mithila Shigaonkar | Mar 14 2017

In enterprise environments, regardless of how tech savvy other workflows are, the methods used to transfer data is ironically non-technical. The preferred method for large file transfer today is still dominated by physical forms of file transfer, i.e. snail mail. The benefits in streamlining file transfer workflows with technology is the difference between just meeting […]

The better file transfer solution for a television news station

eSecureSend | Feb 16 2017

Recently, one of our potential clients (a local TV station) approached us with the challenge of improving their file transfer workflow. They wanted to receive news footage in a timely and efficient manner. After a discovery meeting, we found out that they were relying heavily on FTP through a cellular network. These two are a […]

Towards a Reliable File Transfer Solution for TV Stations

eSecureSend | Feb 16 2017

Modern TV stations need a reliable way to send huge files quickly. High definition footage plus tight deadlines and fast production workflows means there is no time left over to wait for video files to be transferred from one location to another. Online file transfers are currently dominated by FTP. The architecture behind this file transfer methodology is notoriously unreliable and error-prone, especially for massive media files.

Speed of eSecureSend file transfers is limited to bandwidth available

eSecureSend | Sep 15 2016

With any online file transfer service, your internet speed is what limits the rate of a file transfer. To determine what speeds you have, run a speed test on SpeedTest.net. Sending a file is limited to your upload speed and receiving a file is limited to your download speed. To estimate the amount of time for […]

New Feature: Automatic Retrieval of Files, a.k.a Auto-Receive

eSecureSend | Jul 25 2016

For any B2B relationship, file transfers should be as smooth as spreading melted butter on toast. With auto-receive we’re one step closer towards achieving that goal. Recipients can now automatically receive any file that senders deliver. No more clicking “Accept” and “Download.” They just show up on the subscribed computer as soon as the transfer is […]

Sports teams prioritizing reliable online file transfer reach more fans

eSecureSend | Jun 14 2016

From on-demand replays to event promotions to broadcast highlights, moving digital assets from the game to the fans requires enterprise file transfer infrastructure.    In the era of engagement marketing, building loyalty is no easy feat. Luckily, sports fans are the most loyal of them all. With great content, you can win them over! All […]

Waiting on Slow Transfer Speeds?

Wondering why your online file transfer is so slow?

eSecureSend | Mar 31 2016

Just because you’re paying $300 a month for lightning-fast Internet speeds doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to move at full speed all the time. Think of it like driving on a highway. Your speed limit is 75mph. Your car can go 250mph, and you just left work during rush hour. Even though you have the equipment […]

Think Online File Transfer Is Still The Underdog?

eSecureSend | Mar 15 2016

Transferring large files online is a challenge in today’s media landscape. From shipping hard drives to setting up FTP, file transfer isn’t as efficient as it should be. We designed eSecureSend to make online file transfer reliable and easy-to-use.